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Military Assignment Guam

CommanderJoint Region Marianas

Naval Base Guam

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MWR Guam

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Marianas Military Museum

War in the Pacific National Historic Park

Notable Military Historical Events

      Orders to Guam? Have you received orders to Guam? Don't think of it as a year or more out of your life. This is a real opportunity for you and your family. Guam is real Pacific tropical island paradise and popular tourist destination with plenty of activities to keep you busy during your days and nights. Guam offers wide beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving, deep sea sport fishing, world class golf courses, lush tropical jungles and a rich cultural and historical heritage. The Commander Naval Region Marianas main base and Andersen Air Force Base maintain large, well stocked commissaries and exchanges, well equipped and managed Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) clubs and facilities to include golf courses, scuba and snorkeling training and tours, private military beaches a marina and other dedicated military recreational facilities. Guam's location approximatley midway between between Hawaii Japan make an ideal hub for travel back to the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, Australia anf the exotic Far East. While we canot cover everyting Guam has to offer in this limited space, we believe the information on this site will provide a good start planning your move. In many cases, we do not try and duplicate information available elsewhere, but point you to sites with the details you eed.

Andersen Air Force, GuamNaval Station, GuamBe sure to visit the official "Commander Joint Region Marianas" "Navy Base Guam" and "Andersen Air Force Base" Websites for specific information about about Navy and Air Force units on Guam, military housing, medical and finance. The "Guam Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR)" site is a rich resource for military off-duty recreation opportunities. Be sure to check other Guam-OnLine web pages listed to the left for a wealth of information about Guam's history and culture, landmarks, fun things to do, where to live off-base, and be sure to browse our extensive Guam image galleries.

Recreational Activities

The 18th Hole at andersen AFB, GuamGolfing. Guam is an ideal destination for golfers, both on and off-base. There are seven world-class golf courses designed by famous U.S. professional golfers such as Jack Nicolas and Arnold Palmer, which are open to the public and military are welcome. Military personnel also have access to excellent courses and facilities on Andersen AFB and the Navy's Nimitz Golf course in central Guam at Barragada. Shown here is the 18th hole and Pacific Ocean from the Andersen golf course clubhouse and snack bar.

Scuba Diving on Guam
Scuba Diving. Guam is one of the best dive destinations in the world. Located just off the Marianas Trench, the deepest part of the ocean in the world, Guam offers divers exceptionally clear waters that maintain temperature between 82-86 (28C) degrees year round, 
Underwater views of guam.unspoiled coral reefs and sheer walls, hundreds of varieties of coral and fish, and a number of World War II airplane and ship wrecks. A number of marine preserves have been established to protect Guam's undersea life which are open to, and offer great experiences, to divers and underwater photographers. Dives can be initiated from the shore or boat, depending on the destination. Diving instruction, equipment and trip are offered by a number of commercial dive operators. Check our "Fun things to Do" page for more Guam Dive links or our photo gallery for some pictures of Guam undersea life and seascapes.

Top of the Rock at Andersen AFB, GuamMorale Welfare and Recreation (MWR). The Joint Guam MWR offers a wide range of recreational activities fo military personnel and their families. Other on-base recreational facilities include outdoor swimming pools, boating and marina facilities, gyms and fitness centers, recreation centers, theaters, teen centers and singles organizations, dining and clubs, boating camping, and other recreational equipment Sumay Marina at Naval Stationrentals, fishing, auto craft shops and other activities you would expect to find on a large military base. Shown here is the Andersen Top of the Rock consolidated club and the Sumay Cove Marina at the Naval Station which offers boat and equipment rentals, harbor cruises on a 40 ft sailing sloop and mooring for privately owned boats. Navy and Air Force recreational services departments can also arrange for fishing trips, horse riding and other off-base activities.

Gab Gab Beach, Naval Station, GuamMilitary Beaches on Guam. Guam is a true Pacific Island paradise with coral ringed beaches, warm crystal clear waters for snorkeling, scuba diving or just lounging on the clean white sand. Some of the best beaches on Guam are on the military bases and restricted for use of military personnel. The Naval station in central Guam offers Gab Gab,Navy Beach at Polaris Pointpopular for Snorkeling and scuba diving, There is a small beach and club on Polaris Point. Haputo Beach at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station is popular for hiking, cave exploring and snorkeling. Tarague and Sirena beaches on Andersen AFB look out on the Pacific Ocean. Sirena Beach is a private beach available by reservation only. Facilities offered, either on the beach property or off-beach through recreation service offices, include cabanas, canoes, fishing boats, diving lessons, barbecue grills and picnic tables. Check with the Navy or Air Force recreation service offices for specifics.

Travel Opportunities. Located approximately 3,300 miles West of Hawaii, 1,500 miles East of the Philippines and 1,550 miles South of Japan, Guam is an ideal base for travel to many attractive Pacific and Asian destinations. The Northern Marianas Islands of AMC Terminal at Andersen AB, GuamSaipan and Tinian are highly desirable dive locations, are rich with historical and cultural sites and are only 30 minutes away by air. Japan, Korea and the Philippines are all within 4 hours with flights available daily. Flights to Hawaii and the U.S. Mainland also depart daily. Direct International commercial flights to other parts of Asia are currently limited: however, flights can be booked through Japan, Korea and the Philippines to such locations as Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Honk Kong and China. Military space available travel is available to many Pacific locations and back to the U.S. Mainland from the Andersen Air Terminal.

United Service Organization (USO). The USO has long been recognized as a home-away-from-home for service members. Who hasn't had coffee and snacks or crashed in the USO while waiting for a flight in the San Francisco, New Your or another lonley International ir terminal. The Guam USO, located in the Orchid Hotel in Tumon, offers a number of services for military members and their families such as free computers and internet, complimentary coffee and refreshments, DVD movies with large screen projection, books, free phone home program, information about recreation in Guam’s tourism district and discount coupons.

Andy II's at Polaaris Point Naval StationGuam has the potential to be one of the best tours of your career. Recreational opportunities abound. The people of Guam are proud of their culture and proud to be a part of the USA. The Military contribute a great deal to the economy of Guam and the Military, and Military personnel, are welcomed and treated extremely well on Guam. Enjoy the great leisure and recreational opportunities, but take time to learn some of the history and culture and to get out and meet some of the people. Check out our other links and get set for a great tour.

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