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                   Guam Night Life and Entertainment


Nightclubs and Discos

The Globe Disco and Sand Castle Nightclub, Tumon, GuamSand Castle and Globe.Located in the Sandcastle complex in the heart of Tumon, on San Vitores Road , the Globe is a Las Vegas style nightclub and disco. The Sand Castle offers Las Vegas style dinner shows with music, dancing, magic shows and animal acts. The Globe Disco is located in the same building. The Globe is crowded and loud with state of the art sound and lighting systems. If Disco is your thing, this is the place.

Trades Jaxx Nightclub, Tumon, GuamTrades Jazz Club. The Trades is the only true Jazz club on Guam . Located in Tumon on the second floor of the Bayview Plaza Building , about halfway between the Globe and Hardrock CafĂ© and directly across San Vitores Road across Planet Hollywood.

Neighborhood Bars

Guam still has a number of neighborhood bars where you can get a $2.50 beer, play pool, shuffleboard or darts, listen to great selections of oldies, rock and roll, reggae, or country music on well stocked juke boxes, and visit in a friendlyGuam local neighborhoo barsatmosphere. Most of these establishments open in the early afternoon for happy hour with pupu's (bar snacks) until 2:00 AM. On the downside, most of the neighborhood bars are not located conveniently to the limited Guam public transportation or to hotels, so a designated driver, or taxi, is always a good idea. There are too many neighborhood bars on Guam to list them all. Some of my favorites are described below:

American Legion Mid-Pacific Post 1, Tamuning, GuamAmerican Legion. The American Legion Mid-Pacific Post 1 home and canteen. The oldest American Legion post outside of the United States , established 1930, and the only post to have been occupied by a foreign power when the Japanese occupied Guam in World War II. All American Legionnaires, veterans and military are always welcome. The canteen is open to the public. Happy hour drink prices all day and all night and the cheapest breakfast on the island. Check the website for location information.

Marianas Trench . The Marianas Trench Bar and Marianas Trench Thai Restaurant and Bar, Tamuning, GuamLounge has been on Guam since the 1980's. Since the old building was trashed by a typhoon and the trench moved into their current location, they have expanded into a large restaurant and nightclub. The Trench has some of the best Thai food on the island and a large nightclub with pool tables, big screen TV, free juke box, dance floor and, occasionally live bands on the weekends. The lounge is crowded and noisy, just what the younger crowd is looking for, and Mai Li always has some of the best looking bartenders on the island. The Trench is one of the most popular nightclubs on Guam and always packed.

Toy's Taxern, Tamuning, GuamToy's Tavern. Toy's has been one of my favorite local Thai since I arrived in 1992. You can usually expect Toys to be packed and the music to be blaring. Toy always has hot bartenders and quite often sets out a great free spread, usually Barbeque and Thai food, on the weekends. The best reason to visit Toy's is Toy Herself.

Ta's Tabern. Another great Thai bar and another of my favorites. A mixed age crowd, $2.50 beer, aJosie's Tavern, Tamuning, Guampool table and loud juke box. Ta is usually on hand to keep things lively, and no, we did not misspell Tabern. That is exactly how the word is spelled, says Ta. That is Ta pronounces it and it is her barl.

Josie's Tavern, Tamuning, GuamJosie's Tavern. Josie's is located in Tamuning on Marine Corps drive just South of Pizza hut. Popular with military and local residents as well. Reasonably priced drinks, for Guam , 3 pool tables and hot bartenders and hostesses. Josie always has free sashimi and other pupus (snacks). Be sure to check out theme night on Fridays.

Mom's tavern, Maite, GuamMom's Tavern. Located on Route 8, just off Marine Drive in Maite, Mom's is another neighborhood bar that has been around for as long as most of us can remember, although with deferent owners. Mom's has a friendly atmosphere, inexpensive drinks, shuffleboard and pool table.

Karaoke Bars

Karaoke, or "minus one" (music recorded without lyrics so the customer can sing along) is very popular on Guam . In a karaoke bar, the customer selects a song from a catalog and sings along to the lyrics presented on a television screen. The popularity ofKaraoke on Guam.karaoke on Guam can probably be attributed in large part to Guam's proximity to Japan , where karaoke originated, and the large Japanese and Asian population and tourist traffic: However, karaoke participants are not limited to Asians. You will see Chamorro's and Haole's (Caucasians) as well. No matter how bad you may sound, it will be your turn in the spotlight and the rest of the club will always give you a big hand for your effort.

Most karaoke bars are staffed with attractive, usually Asian, hostesses who will sit and entertain you as long as you buy drinks for them. Hostess drinks range from $20 up and rarely have any alcoholic content. If you have the urge, you can buy your hostess Champaign at prices starting at $50 per bottle. The ladies make their money on drinks and if you are not careful, you can drop a bundle in a very short time. Consequently, you may hear Karaoke bars referred to as "buy me drinkee" bars. Customer drinks range from $4 to $6 for beer and starting at $5 for call drinks. You don't have to sit with a hostess to enjoy a karaoke: however, if you do, keep track of what you are spending, and you can still have a great time without spending more than you can afford.

Beach Bars

For the old Guam hands out there, sorry to say that the Blue Lagoon, Barney's Beach Bar, Wet Willies and Tahiti Rama on Tumon Bay are all gone, replaced by high rise hotels. If anyone has any pictures of these establishments, we would love to add them to this site. While they can't hold a candle to the old beach bars, there are a few beach bars where you can din and tip a few on the beach watching sunsets over the Philippine Sea .

Sails Bar and Restaurant, Tumon Beach, GuamSails Restaurant. Sails Restaurant and Bar is sandwiched between the Reef and Outrigger Hotels on Tumon Bay . Sante Fe on the Bay Hotel, located on West Hagatna Bay , next to the Onward Hotel, has a comfortable open air restaurant and bar on the beach. Both of these establishments serve excellent fair and occasionally provide live entertainment on the beach and under the famous Philippine Sea sunsets. Jimmy Dee's is also Sunset over the Philippine Sealocated on West Hatagna Bay closer to Marine Corps Drive . Far off the beaten path and somewhat hard to find,Jimmy Dee's is often the venue for beach parties sponsored by local radio stations and from time to time offer live island style shows.

Jeff's Pirates Cove, GuamJeff's Pirates Cove.Jeff's is located on the East side of the island on Highway 4 in Talafofo. Jeff's is a Guam institution and the only one of the original beach bars that is still in operation today. With a wooden planked interior, open bar fronting the Pacific Ocean , and reputedly, the best hamburgers on the island. Jeff also runs on the site a Seaside Museum with a substantial collection of ancient Guam and World War II artifacts. Check Jeff's web site for more information.

Alas, the local beach front watering holes where plenty of fine ladies played in the sun all day long, where you could drink $2 beers all day, and relax under the stars to outstanding live island music, just do not exist as they did a few years back. As the Asian economy picks itself back up and the U.S. Military presence returns, we can only hope that they will also return.

Strip Clubs

Exotic Strip Clubs on GuamGuam has a fair selection of strip bars for a relatively small island. Exotic night clubs are somewhat more accepted than their counterparts on the U.S. mainland and the atmosphere is considerably more relaxed. Dancers come from the U.S. mainland, Asia, other Pacific islands, Korea , China , Cambodia , the Philippines and an occasional local. Full nudity is the norm. Drinks in most of the strip clubs are, surprisingly, cheaper than most of the upper scale Karaoke bars, with beers usually $4 to $5 vice $6 to $8 in the Karaoke Bars. If you sit with a dancer, youStrip Clubs in Guam, USAwill usually be expected to buy her drinks, at $20 per with Champaign significantly higher. If you behave yourself and show a little respect, you will find you are not pressed as hard for drinks. Most of the strip clubs have back rooms for private shows ranging from $100 or more for 30 minutes. Since the drawn down of the U.S. military in the mid 1990's, many of the old strip clubs, such as Camelot, Las Vegas, Runway 69 and Dallas have closed. Most of the remaining strip bars are in the Tumor area, see map at left.

Club Foxy Strip Club, Tumon, GuamClub Foxy. The old Andy's Club for those that were here a few years ago, now named Foxy, is located at the northernmost end of San Victors Street . Most of Fox's current dancers are Korean and are attractive. Moving just South on San Victors, just past Westin Hotel, is Club USA. Club USA is one of theClub USA, Tumon, Guambusiest strip clubs on Guam with dancers from the US mainland, Korea, the Philippines and an occasional local girl. Directly across the street from USA is Club Cosmos. If you have been on Guam before, you probably remember this as the Tourist Nightclub. Club Cosmos was located in Mite, but moved to Tumon a couple of years ago. As we head South on San Vitores Road,we find one of the best strip clubs on Guam, Vikings,located directly across the road from the Hyatt Hotel. Vikings has been around for many years and has some of the best dancers and best atmosphere on the island. Vikings is relatively small and normally very crowded.

In mid Tumon, take a right off San Vitores road at the Police Koban, a couple hundred yards to one of Guam 's newest strip club, Crazy Horse. Another big bar with a pool room and a large selection of dancers, primarily from the U.S. mainland. Continuing South, just before Route 4a leading to theClub G-Spot Strip Club, Tumon, GuamWorld's largest KMART, is theClub G-Spot. The G-Spot is a big club with a mix of U.S. and Asian dancers, usually very attractive. The atmosphere, however, is a bit too strict and pushy when compared with the other strip bars on island. Last on the Tumon list is club Dream Girls. Continue South past G-Spot and directly across San Vitores Road from the Pacific Islands Club Hotel and resort. Dream Girls is relatively new and large with some nice dancers.

Club Texas Exotic Strip Club, Anigua, GuamClub Texas. Outside the Tumon area, there is only one strip club still operating, Club Texas in Anigua. Club Texas has been on Guam since the early 80's. A bit older, not as well maintained and not as many dancers as the Tumon clubs. More of a neighborhood atmosphere and pretty good action. Most of the clientele in the Texas Club are local, but tourists do occasionally find their way here.





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